Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Time to play

In between doing important stuff, I was asked to make a weather vane. Several houses round here have planes and a bit tacky they are too.

However, it seemed a good opportunity to have a go at something a bit better, so as I had a sheet of exterior ply, I made a generic sort of second world war fighter. The plies give the opportunity to create a cockpit shape and fin without any carving etc.

As I liked the look of it, I thought I'd make us one too. So one sort of hurricanish thing and a Mosquito. Not intended to be scale models but to capture the essence.

I sprayed ours silver for now but will do a full paint job this winter when it comes in for a rest from the weather.

It looks great with both props wizzing round. I am told I have done it all wrong as the props counter rotate. Apparently Merlins only went in one direction!!!! If you won't tell anyone, neither will I.

Whilst we are being picky, I am sure someone will say that the Mozzie had three bladed props!! As it happens there was a four bladed version so there (not a lot of people know that). Also, they are much easier to make!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm allowed to take some more pics as the bed is made!!

Bedroom 1 in all its glory bar the curtains. Suitable rings are being delivered by some friends of ours from the UK!! For some reason, the kind with small metal rings attached to the big wooden rings seem rare out here.

The door is a bit pale as its new wood. The other pine has darkened to almost match the floor in three or four years and I'd rather not stain it but let nature take its course.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


......plus this.........

....equals this.....

So bedroom 2 is almost there. Just the window seat to do and I can get back to some turning.

Talking of which, the display shelves in this bedroom is going to be one of the main areas for showing off some of my turnings, with my UK Workshop winning vase and the WOW cover form taking pride of place. Still proud of those.

I still find it hard to part with things that take up so much of my time but the income this year has mostly made up for it. However, there are a few pieces that will never go.