Sunday, January 12, 2014

Good grief

No entries since September!!! Must be having a life or something.

Been a bit busy. Quite a few shows to sell turnings and of course the Christmas season has intervened.

Now all at sea as the car has failed its CT (French MOT) and leaves us without transport. Ford abandoned the 1600cc engine in ours as it knew that the new CO2 regulations would be impossible to reach. Its running beautifully and has only done 120,000 miles. But, we have to scrap it - seems criminal. We only do a few thousand miles a year and so bung less CO2 into the atmosphere than many a low output commuter car. Ho hum.

Now have to find some alternative transport.

We now have four cats again. Number four was an abandoned kitten - mostly black with the odd white patch. Far too young to be out, starving and thin. Now growing at prodigious rate, fussy as hell with a purr like a traction engine. Plays with Orange all the time too so hopefully he ( won't miss his sister so much.