Sunday, July 31, 2011

The last of the line (for the present)

This is the fourth installment of these tall wotsits and, I think, the best. Its also the tallest. The yew is a bit paler than some of the pieces I have used recently but no less attractive for that. The decorated cup under the vase indicates the direction for the next few pieces I think.

I may well come back to the tall forms as trade demands but this is as much about progressing the skills as anything at the moment.
After seeing some work on the WOW site, I was goaded into having a go at some more adventurous stuff that the usual bowls, vases etc.

These are around 500mm and 720mm high and made of yew with ebonised ramin stems. Although not original ideas, making things like this encourages me to think about form and proportion and how things fit together. All progress on  the path to be a REAL wood turner.

I will make a few more in similar style before moving on.
I am starting this blog in order to track my progress in the spinney world. After a year or so of practice, its about time I started to apply what I have learned and make some 'art' now that the 'craft' is developing a little.

My previous work included making musical instruments, kitchens, doors and windows etc. I started turning after damaging my back badly. Standing at the lathe is just about the only position that is comfortable for me. Even sitting or lying down causes problems - not best for sleep.