Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to proper jobs

At last a bit of time to just turn what I fancy. One of my cordless drills expired in a cloud of smoke and I took it apart, as one does, to see if it was fixable. Nope - a melted mess.

The gearbox looked interesting so I wondered if I could incorporate any of the metal bits into a turning. Cut some box. Turned a spigot for the gear and just sort of let it develop from there with no preconceived idea of where it would end up.

I now am unable to decide if I prefer it with or without the gear. Its not fixed so whoever buys it can choose.

I suppose its a gearbox now!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Its an antique - honest?

An antiques dealer would no doubt describe it as 'circa' or 'in the style of'.

I'm sure a forward looking carpenter could have anticipated the coming IT revolution and could have made such a piece of furniture, who knows who it could have been.

Closed, it looks quite neat but open it up and my usual chaos reigns. I thought I would have more space but as usual, I soon fill up any available nook and cranny.

I think I use every piece of scrap wood in the workshop. There are at least four or five different types of wood plus the panels are made from ply left over from our trailer.

Its nice to hide the screen away from dust and the cats at night. The makers of the screen were very kind and used the same size and thread mounts as those used for kitchen handles. I have a few hundred left over from the 'old' days.

Quite enjoyed it but must get back to turning as the local gallery opened today and sold the first piece within ten minutes. looking hopeful there.