Friday, March 21, 2014


We have just had a sad reminder about supermarket food.

As the last of the old seasons vegetables has now gone, we have to buy stuff from the supermarket like most people do. We also had a shop bought chicken today.

We sat down with the usual anticipation and after about two minutes, looked at each other and said 'crap'.

The chicken is going to the cats and the veg is going to the chickens. We made up for it by having a delicious sweet made with our own fruit. Still lots in the freezer or bottled.

We'll have to find a farm shop and grow some new birds quick!!

I'm not surprised people turn to such rubbish as McDonalds if 'normal' food is as bland as this.

A couple of months and our own stuff starts coming on stream this year. Can't be soon enough.

How does anyone stand tasteless junk all the time?