Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back to work

with a vengence.

The gallery opens again in a month or two so its turn out stock to sell to the tourists.

Mostly small stuff. Once those are done, I will be able to get back to making 'interesting' stuff.

In amongst the average can be a little gem though and its sometimes the simplest things. This little pear bowl is so ordinary in principle but it begs to be picked up and the inner curve is just perfect. Might have to slip it onto the 'keep' shelf without my wife noticing!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Time to play

Well, Christmas is coming but I seem to have dragged these out to far to sell them this year.

I guess I'll just have to play with them myself - what a shame.

The three wheeler still has to have its exhausts and maybe some headlights and a spare wheel - maybe!

Top view now has the exhaust but I'm stopping there!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

A better class of bug

I have been living in interesting times!!

The craft fair was terrific and I sold loads of stuff - well pleased.

It was then off to the UK for a couple of days to try and sort out the ears. The French don't have the right programs for my old hearing aids.

They were duly adjusted and turned up. One has now given up the ghost and the other distorts. Not pleased.

New ones will cost more than we have to spare with very little help from our health care insurance.

The other good news is that I picked up a super resilient strain of a flu like something or other. I have been hacking away and generally dripping stuff for a solid two weeks without any respite.

Finally dragged along to the quack on Saturday and was prescribed the same anti-biotic they use on MRSA. So far, there has been a definite improvement but its hanging on in there.

Oh, and our old wood burning stove is leaking smoke through the oven. Goody.

At least the lathe is still going round except..... its not accurate enough to do the sort of toy car I wanted. So its back to simpler stuff and 'normal' work.

Ho hum!