Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brickie update

Work continues, painfully - I dropped the door on my toe when not wearing steel toecaps - but steadily. The main dividing wall is up bar two little top infills and I've started on the outside walls.

And then, once all that is done, I have to sort out the food area, food store, outside wall plus a bit of floor that needs digging out and concreting.

Its a good job I'm taking it easy or I might hurt myself.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There's more.... this bricklaying lark than meets the eye. This is one reason why my lathe is silent. The workshop is under construction. Actually downsizing as the big panel saw is gone now that I no longer do kitchens and a smaller space will be much easier to heat and in any case, will be more convenient with all the benches closer together.

Its a good job I've had some muscle building going on - by the end of the day you know you've lifted a few blocks.

Its a bit boring not being able to use the workshop but, hopefully, when its all done, things will be better than ever. Plus, we will have a good, useful area for processing the chickens and ducks that give their all so we can tuck in, and a fresh food store that Ronnie can fill up during the summer and autumn.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free at last

Phew, eight weeks of institutionalisation over. Free to do whatever I want with my day but.......... part of the treatment is to continue exercising. This will mean a bike ride every day. Stretching exercises and finding some way of keeping the newly aquired muscles in good shape.

To that end, we have found an immaculate, very little used multi-gym for a good price. Had my first proper go this morning and there is only one of the specialist machines at the rehabilitation centre that can't be reproduced on this. All I have to do now is stick to the regime and fit in all the other things life demands as well.

Mr Muscle 2013.