Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bedroom 1 done

Further to the previous post, we are now inhabiting our refurbished bedroom and very restful it is too.

The French don't seem to do decent skirting these days, just using a plain flat board and a very small one at that.

I ended up making some out of T&G flooring and making a top moulding on the router table. I have always liked a good, tall skirting board, it looks as if it means it.

I did take some pics of the furniture in the room but Ronnie complained that I hadn't made the bed so that will have to come later.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

ta muchly

I made one goblet as an experiment and sent it to the local gallery. A very kind French gentleman decided he liked it. Sadly, he requested three more as well!! I say sadly as it was not an exactly straightforward process and I never like making more than one of anything.

However, the usual lure of money worked its magic and I managed to get off my posterior and into the workshop. I did one a day to try and keep the interest up and I can now do something else.

Another sadly coming up as the something else is orders for FOURTEEN of another style of goblet. Oh woe is me.