Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Life is just great.

Started to cut some oak up for the fire yesterday, reached sideways for a lump of wood and POW....

....the back has gone again. Can hardly move.

There goes any turning or anything else for a week or two at least.

Probably my own fault for not doing enough limbering up and flexibility exercises every day.

My wife's brother has given her instructions to give me a good clout round the head if I don't do them!@!! Trouble is, I can't move quickly enough now to avoid the incoming!!!

As Hugh Grant so eloquently put it


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yew to Ash

Much as I love working it yew, it has made a lovely change to turn some different wood lately. There has been some pear, chestnut and cherry but mostly its been ash. I have three or four big chunks from a year or so ago and now have what seems like half a tree in the barn with the other half yet to arrive. The new one is well over 800mm diameter and should provide for a few bowls!!

Anyway, a few test pieces on the earlier delivery. After my experience with some green chestnut, I expected a bit of movement but this has stayed rock solid and dead round. If you work in the right grain direction, its like cutting butter. My favourite of the forms looks just like alabaster in the flesh. Really nice stuff,

More experiments to follow I suspect. I thin Ronnie has already earmarked one for our 'collection' upstairs. I though this was for money and stuff!!!!