Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Its a bit bent!!

This bowl is made of chestnut. I made it as big as possible from the log I had but included rather too much sapwood I think.

Anyway it started very round. Now it appears to have been made on an oval lathe. It still seems to be moving and is becoming rather like a rugby ball!!

Its rustic init?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ain't retirement great?

As I now have all this time on my hands, Ronnie reckons that I can do my turning AND keep working on the house!!

So I have to try and finish the kitchen. Old smartie pants thought he'd make some nice round steps. A couple of people failed to see them so I am adding oak cappings to the edges to give it some definition. Great fun but uses up rather more wood than I would like. I did want to make them continuous but have compromised and split them in two.

One more bit to make and then I can finish this one off. I am not sure if the glue I'm using is strong enough but the test is obvious.

Edit - all the edges seem to be holding up!! We are considering adding some panelling to the doorway, just to annoy a friend of ours who says that we shouldn't 'over restore' our house!!!