Sunday, March 11, 2012

The continuing story..

Work continues and we are getting close to actually being able to USE the workshop. The walls are all up, the machines are in place. There is even a cupboard which is, I am told, to be used to keep things tidy and dust free. There is a first for everything.

A friend gave us some triple layer plastic sheeting which is great for letting light into the dark places and goes up very quickly.

We now need to sort the electrics, lighting and extraction and some serious turning can take place.

However, being me, all this has caused a rather large burst of enthusiasm which means I don't know when to stop and my back - which as I recall is the reason for all this rearrangement - is deciding to slow me down. Its very frustrating, having to admit you can't work at the same pace you used to manage. My surgeon told me that the biggest problem he had was convincing patients that there had to be a change of pace. Old age really does have its effect. So today is a work free day apart from doing some graphic designing for a friend. Plus fixing the Dyson of course and cooking the dinner and........