Saturday, October 6, 2012


Had a friend pop in this morning as we were 'processing' some livestock and they were met with the following scene.

As usual its "Oh how could you?"

As always my answer is "Do you eat meat?"

"So how come you couldn't?"

This is real life, not lived vicariously for you by someone else who keeps you sheltered from unpleasantness.

Our birds are treated well, we know what they eat and that nothing unpleasant has been injected or added, they are used to being handled and we dispatch them as fast as humanly possible. 

On top of that, they taste wonderful. Anything is better than the plastic wrapped, plastic tasting birds from Tesco.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

RIP Minnie

Sad to say, our little famale tortie was killed last week.

She had been staying out more and more and we were not too surprised that she didn't come home for a day or two. A friend told us that he had seen a cat on the road and, sure enough, it was Minnie. From the damage it was obviously a quick death but it still hurts.

We miss her and so does her brother, who seems at a total loss. They used to play all the time.