Friday, March 15, 2013

Why oh why???

can't I leave well alone??

We are having a swap (SWOWP??) for the UK members of WOW. Its been extended a bit to include whoever wants to join in, its a postal swap so some of the postage might be interesting.

Anyway, I 'finished' mine early and wrapped it up and put it away. Couldn't resist having a look a few days ago and found a couple of tiny cracks had opened up. Not unusual with yew but I thought, as this is to go to another turner, I'd try and fix them!@!!

Oh dear oh dear. I'd forgotten that I hadn't put a finish on the wood but just buffed it and waxed it. The CA immediately went in and stained all around the cracks. Stupidly, I then tried to sand it out and of course, now have some flats and obvious flaws in the surface.

My wife, Ronnie, called me a ..... well it shouldn't be repeated on line.

So, I've done a back up and am going to try and remount the original and redo the outside. This is going to be very interesting indeed. Its going to have to be hot glue mounted and absolutely dead centre at that. The walls are a bit thin. So there is every chance that it won't just be spoiled but translated into firewood.

I could have just wax filled the cracks and polished but there you go. A lesson learnt every day.

Its annoying because the original had a unique feature that just made it especially attractive and its damn near impossible to repeat because it depends on the bit of wood used. I searched and searched the woodpile but nothing was right.

Shame I'm a twit.