Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Ah well, I'm not a builder see........

So the new roof got a thorough testing as the heavens opened.


...anyway, I had to get back out there and remove the built up wall I had done and do it again properly, this time with some zinc flashing. Its sold in 2 x 1 metre sheets out here so you have to slice it up yourself. I did it the quick way with an angle grinder. This leaves a nice sharp edge on one side which, if you put the bend on the wrong way, takes a huge slice out of the hand whilst clearing the gulley after rendering!! YUP!

Last night it poured again and we have a nice dry kitchen with not even a small patch anywhere, I was a bit worried about the chimney as the plate that it came with is not designed for canal tiles. However, lots of glue and mastic seems to have done the job. We'll see if it stands the heat and cold long term.

Its a bit damp today which means I get a rest but will have to get out and finish the rendering tomorrow. Another day for my hand to heal too!! :-)

Oh what fun we have.