Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Six months, worth it I think!!

Well, apart from a bit of smoothing to do here or there, the yew that has sat on the bench being hacked at for six months is finished.

It going back to the style I was developing before I damaged my back so badly. I seem to be rediscovering the route I was on.

Over the last year or two I have been knocking out a huge amount of stuff and its building up in spite of managing to sell quite a lot.

So this week we are having a sale of things I have at home, but as the guy that runs the local gallery is closing soon, there will also be quite a bit coming back. I will miss his sales but thats life. What with all the stuff I have spread around elsewhere, I am going to have to clear the decks.

I reckon a GIANT sale is going to happen. Probably with stupid prices to encourage folks to invest in a piece of art.

Basically, I need to slow down the turning and concentrate on the house for a while. In any case, I am 'retired' now and its about time I started taking it just a bit easier (ask Ronnie if she thinks that is possible!! ;-)  )

Two pics, one of said object and one of the table of sale stuff.